Agero Digital Dispatching

Today we release the ability for you to accept calls from Agero directly inside Towbook!

If your company is using the Towbook motor club feature, you can receive your calls on our new Accept/Reject screen inside Towbook. No matter what screen you’re on in Towbook, the new call “Accept/Reject” screen will appear for you as a pop-up message and an audible alert will sound, notifying you that a new call is available. All you have to do is accept or reject the call!

See an example of the new screen below.


If you don’t accept or reject the call within 4 minutes you will receive a phone call from an Agero Dispatcher – just like you do today.

The pop-up and audible alerts appear anywhere in Towbook – you can be in Accounts, Impounds, Reports or Settings and you will still receive the notification.

Once you accept the call, the job will be automatically added to the Towbook dispatching screen as a new call.

You also have the option to turn digital dispatching on or off. If digital dispatching is turned off then Agero knows to call you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new dispatching option, please click the link below.

Faxed calls from motor clubs now sent as a PDF

When motor clubs fax calls to your company,  Towbook now emails you a copy of that call (fax) as a PDF attachment – which is much easier to open from a mobile device.

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Cancelled Calls Report

We added a new report in Towbook for Cancelled Calls. You can set a date range and see a listing of your cancelled calls, including the reason each call was cancelled. See below for an example of the new report.

You can access the new Cancelled Calls Report under Dispatching Reports.

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Quest Email Processing

Today we released an update to our motor club feature that supports processing of calls emailed by Quest.

Quest recently began emailing calls (instead of faxing) and we can now accept those emails for customers using our motor club feature. When Quest emails a call to you, it will automatically be added to Towbook and will create a new call instantly.

Thanks again for all the great feedback and suggestions – please keep them coming!

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Added Ability to Void Payments in Impounds

Today we added the ability to void payments in Impounds, making it more convenient to make a change without having to leave the Impound page.

To void a payment, simply click the Void button to the right of the payment ID.


Thanks again for all the great feedback and suggestions – please keep them coming!

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Option to Pay in Full

You now have the option to choose the option to pay in full when you complete a call in Towbook.

When you go to the complete call screen, simply click the check box for pay in full and the total amount due will get added to the payment box. See below.


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Product Updates – Week of June 9th

Listed below are a few of the updates we’ve released in Towbook over the past week.

Report Changes

  • You can now click on an item in the Truck Expense Report to see all the individual expenses.
  • Updated the graph for the Call Analysis report, correcting a date range filter problem.
  • Added column sorting with an arrow to indicate which column the report is currently sorted by (for most reports).

Call Search

  • The call search filters were updated for Scheduled Calls, expanding the results to include the scheduled date and the completion date of calls.

Truck Expense Recording

  • Any uploaded files or receipts can now be viewed on the expense screen.
  • We updated the delete expense option to make it more usable.

Thanks again for all the great feedback and suggestions – please keep them coming!

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Email History

Towbook now tracks every time you send a receipt to your customers. You can view the history (list) of emails sent for each call by clicking on the call in Dispatching and then clicking on Email (see below).

Email_Tracking 2

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Pricing Rules

You can now add pricing rules for your accounts in Towbook, saving time and eliminating the chance for forgotten charges.

This new feature makes it simple to automatically include invoice items on calls created for specific accounts and reason codes. Pricing rules can also be set up to automatically add charges after a period of time has passed – for example you can automatically add an Admin Charge to impounds that have been in storage for more than 2 days.

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Customer Notification Window

Today we released a customer notification feature in Towbook. This new tool will help keep everyone aware of updates and important information about the Towbook, including new features, system alerts and great product reminders.

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